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Status on the Avent Crescent Fire Station
Tron Glow
camohusky wrote in furry_survivors
Well, I took a trip to the old furry HQ and I didn't see much.  Just a bunch of level 1 firemen, no sign of a HQ.  So, I guess that means we can start from the ground up.  I'm gonna be staying at the Reed Towers in Wyke Hills.  There's a police station nearby that's easy to get into and plenty of zombies to kill for XP.  If anyone would like to join me, I got a list of VSB safehouses I found for those without the freerunning ability.

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(Deleted comment)
OK, I'll be up there by (at least) tomorrow morning. I found out the police station here is ruined beyond all belief. Just make sure the station is VSB, I need to work on getting free running.

Oh, and my character's name is Samuel Garrigus.

(Deleted comment)
alright, i'm here but out of AP. What's our next mission El Capitan?

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