Forward to the Future
Thanks to Camo Husky's efforts, we learned that the old Urban Dead furry group is now been and gone. I also beleive we are all now hiding out at the Shapr Police department. So to help us get our center of feet, maybe we can work out some kind of plan to what we would like to do.

So I believe what we need is to establish a headquarters for our new group, so, should we base ourselves in Dartside? Or relocate to somewhere else? More Northward perhaps?

And considering the old group has fallen apart, I think we should have a newer name, something I think works in better conjuction with Urban Dead's Meta-plot. I've been tossing around ideas in my head, and I thought: Necrotech Anthromorphism Alliance sounded pretty neat.

Tell me what you guys think.

Proposing a few ideas
Heya. I recently joined up onto this LJ Community because It was cool to see some fellow Urban Dead players in the game. Now, The group we are currently with, The Furry Survivors, doesn't seem to really be all that active, the last notification posted on the Urban Dead Wiki by them, was in January, and there hasn't really been anything after them, that and it seems as if the founder doesn't really play that much anymore, as if they gave up. Because of such, I'd really like to make a few propositions for all the Furry Urban Dead players.

1: We establish a new HQ, someplace preferably empty, and in good barricaded condition, that is not near another groups territory.
2. We establish a new Furry group for those of us who are most certainly active and willing to play, that we know exist.
3. Following the 2nd idea, we should set up a kind of democracy/council kind of leadership, going by majority vote. That way everyone in the group can have a say in what direction the group goes in. As in fighting zombies, or diplomacy with other groups etc.

I hope my ideas are not radically or strange since this LJ group was just started. But please, everyone tell me what you think.


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