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Proposing a few ideas
sergewolf wrote in furry_survivors
Heya. I recently joined up onto this LJ Community because It was cool to see some fellow Urban Dead players in the game. Now, The group we are currently with, The Furry Survivors, doesn't seem to really be all that active, the last notification posted on the Urban Dead Wiki by them, was in January, and there hasn't really been anything after them, that and it seems as if the founder doesn't really play that much anymore, as if they gave up. Because of such, I'd really like to make a few propositions for all the Furry Urban Dead players.

1: We establish a new HQ, someplace preferably empty, and in good barricaded condition, that is not near another groups territory.
2. We establish a new Furry group for those of us who are most certainly active and willing to play, that we know exist.
3. Following the 2nd idea, we should set up a kind of democracy/council kind of leadership, going by majority vote. That way everyone in the group can have a say in what direction the group goes in. As in fighting zombies, or diplomacy with other groups etc.

I hope my ideas are not radically or strange since this LJ group was just started. But please, everyone tell me what you think.

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(Deleted comment)
I've made my way to Dartside as of right now, but I am currently still a zombie waiting outside, The Rudd building, which is VSB at the moment.

(Deleted comment)
I've managed to move to Lyng Street, now out of APs myself, but I believe it is considered a Resurrection Point, so hopefully, I will be revived sometime son.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, instead of being revived I was killed instead. Yay. XD Now I gotta wait to revive.

(Deleted comment)
Kinda forgot to post it, but here is my profile as well:

Fortunately someone revived me and Now I await in the same Police station^^

I'm trying to make my way to Dartside as well. I'm stuck at Shore Hills in the meantime, however I'm level 1 (started a new character) and I don't have a lick of exp on me. I'm not gonna be much help to you guys, but I'll try and find you at least. I go as "xxtdawgxx".

I'd say meet us all at Lyng Street or stay at the police station that Collie is at.

(Deleted comment)
Please let us now how it goes, and if any of the them are around, as far as I know, there were three or two of them still, though that may just be me and collie character's along with the founder.

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